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Associated Healthcare Advisors will work with you to develop a customized plan to maximize your time and resources. Please take a moment to review our services

Our Consulting and

Management Services


Practice Start-up Services Practice Profitability Reviews Documentation & Reimbursement Accreditation & Certification Regulatory Compliance & Audits Training & CEU'S Practice Valuation & Appraisal

Practice Start-Up


Associated Healthcare Advisors, offers their professional services to physicians wishing to open a private practice. We are the advisors to take you from the big picture to the little details of opening your new office. Whether you are opening up your practice for the first time or breaking away from an existing practice the practice start-up service is valuable to save you time, money, and frustration
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Accreditation &

Certification and


One of our best references is having the state and accrediting personnel acknowledge the ease of our clients accreditation and certification when our team is facilitating the process. Whether it is your Ambulatory Surgical Center, outpatient practice, mental health and substance abuse center or your Physicians Office Laboratory seeking AAAHC, CLIA, COLA, Medicare or JCAHO, we are experienced in expediting the process. Once completed, we can provide the risk management services needed to maintain compliance to all the relevant standards. We facilitate the processes to credential you and your facilities with the appropriate reimbursement and insurance plans. If starting up your practice we take you from the application for your license through contracting for reimbursement. 

Practice Profitability


The comprehensive Practice Profitability Review covers both current and historical operations using on site analysis, observations, interviews, and review of records. The Practice Profitability Review can be separated into: Operational Assessment and Financial Profitability Review. The operational assessment is designed to assess how your general office and daily business systems impact the bottom line. The time and personnel investment of operations, known as indirect costs, will cost your company money. Essential functions may include: Appointment Scheduling and Communications, Billing and Collection, Employee Skill Set Analysis, Medical Records Accuracy and trends, Patient Relations/Marketing, Quality Assurance, Facility Layout, Technology/Computer Review and Managed Care Contract Review. The financial profitability review looks at those specific elements that have direct reimbursement or financial value associated with them. This review focuses on services and fees, cash flow and the controls of those items to verify accuracy of profits and expenses


Compliance & Audits

Our Healthcare Compliance Services Program assists you in reducing your professional liability. As the healthcare  industry changes, the need is greater now than ever to have a proactive compliance program in place. We establish the team and provide the direction to move you through the regulatory maze. We can provide compliance programs and resources to assess and prevent potential liability. In the current environment of recoupement and fraud investigations by the Office of Inspector General, internal compliance programs are essential to reduce your risk to accompany you home. Our teams and resources assist in establishing where your practice’s current areas of risk are and how to remedy those areas with applicable standards, trainings and guidelines

Mergers &


Our approach considers the numbers, though we know that even when the numbers make sense, it may still not work! That is why Associated Healthcare Advisors considers many important issues regarding a proposed merger or group practice development before the merger, such as: Pre-Merger Evaluation and Goal Setting Due Diligence in the handling of financial, operational, and legal issues through the use of an experienced attorney Associated Healthcare Advisors' Group Practice Development Services takes steps to assure no surprises by identifying the warning flags.
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Training & CEU’S

Associated Healthcare Advisors  can provide training and continuing education units for a variety of specialties. The training can be provided both on-site or through virtual education materials provided on-line

Documentations &


We work with health care professionals to improve their documentation and provide a safe environment to practice their profession. Our documentation/reimbursement services ensures that clinical documentation reflects appropriate severity and complexity through the application of regulatory guidelines and documentation techniques. This service can be provided by on site training or through off site tools we have developed

Practice Valuation &


To value a business or practice, the appraiser must understand your company's business:
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