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Practice Valuation & Appraisal

To value a business or practice, the appraiser must understand your company's business: What adds or subtracts from the value of your practice? What are the risks associated with your business? How do these risks impact your practice? To value a practice, the appraiser must understand and properly use valuation theory and methodology while also having the knowledge of outside constraints (IRS, OIG, and State regulations) and the real market place activity. Associated Healthcare Advisors' valuation consultants provide you both! Associated Healthcare Advisors understands what impacts your practice through changes from the local community, the state level, and those imposed by payers, employers and the federal government. Limited Value Range Service Includes Review of revenue and expenses Overall review of practice strategies and profitability Complete Recommended Value Service Includes Analysis of revenue and expenses Comparison to industry data Analysis of practice demographics Analysis of area competition Consideration of practice strategic position On-site visit valuation of fixed assets.
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