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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our approach considers the numbers, though we know that even when the numbers make sense, it may still not work! That is why Associated Healthcare Advisors considers many important issues regarding a proposed merger or group practice development before the merger, such as: Pre-Merger Evaluation and Goal Setting Due Diligence in the handling of financial, operational, and legal issues through the use of an experienced attorney Associated Healthcare Advisors' Group Practice Development Services takes steps to assure no surprises by identifying the warning flags. Associated Healthcare Advisors performs a SWOT analysis to eliminate missteps (SWOT = Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) Since mergers have a significant external impact, Associated Healthcare Advisors, takes specific steps to identify the issues and concerns to patients and referral sources Opportunities are evaluated to assure marketplace advantage: PROTECT AND CAPTURE Associated Healthcare Advisors will also evaluate development by: Investigating each practice to determine what makes up the numbers Evaluating patterns, volume, patient processing styles, charges and practice philosophy Assuring the quality of the assets in each practice and their use in the merged practice Examining if each practice is financially viable now. What does the practice look like "behind the numbers?" Assuring adequate funding and cash flow Developing the philosophy for level of services to be provided (lab, x-ray, physician extenders) Establishing effective and appropriate compensation plans Assuring the continuance of provider/managed care contracts for after the merger Strategic tax planning Analyzing physician practice styles and coverage areas Sampling medical records and establishing methods for documentation and filing Associated Healthcare Advisors' Group Practice Development Services also examines personnel and related issues. Staff type and number Are the current employees right for the new merged practice? Responsibility/Authority Are the lines of responsibility and authority clearly defined, written and in an organizational chart? Benefits What must change? What impact will it have on current staff? What will happen to the physician's pension plan? ...and some of the other details, such as: Answering service Collection policy (write-offs, bad debt patients, minimal balance, collection at time of service, etc...) Insurance and managed care company involvements Forms to be used Name of merged practice Malpractice claims or other legal issues outstanding. .
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