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Our mission is to optimize your business of medicine through our highly successful HealthCare consulting solutions, so you can succeed in today's ever-changing and highly challenging business environment

Associated Healthcare Advisors

is a full-service Medical Management and Compliance Consulting Firm that has been in business for over two decades, serving National Medical Practice Management needs; Insurance Liability Risk Reduction; Practice Profitability Reviews, Documentation & Reimbursement, Litigation Support for Audits; Accreditation & Certification, and IRO (Independent Review Organization) Services to the National Healthcare Community.
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Medical Management

As active medical management consultants for three decades, we have dealt with a variety of medical practice management issues for all specialties and practice models. We have also stayed in tune with such issues (indeed, with virtually all practice management issues) as an author of books and publications that provide practice management solutions.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services on a narrowly focused and issue-specific basis, or as a project over a period of months, such as practice start-ups or regulatory and billing compliance. Those assignments are often in conjunction with other consultants, attorneys, accountants and/or other advisors. I will be pleased to recommend such advisors if I know of any that may fit your needs. I am affiliated with consultants in whom I have particular confidence, and when we work together it is a pleasure for me to serve through them.

Our Experience

Our experience leads to the following particular consulting capabilities: practice planning, physician/co-owner arrangements, Insurance Liability Risk Reduction; Regulatory Compliance, Litigation Support for Audits; Accreditation & Certification, and IRO (Independent Review Organization) Services practice valuations; group dynamics; retreat facilitation; inter- partner and group meeting resource assistance and the like. Please visit Advisors Page for Kathryn I Moghadas Publications.

TopCat an

Educational and

Training School

We have an educational and training school, TopCat, which offers direct consulting, education and training to lay staff in a multitude of topics from OSHA to practice operations, contract negotiations, clinical service delivery, billing and reimbursement, cultural diversity, and behavioral sciences. Contact us at TopCat today for all of your continuing educational needs. 407-831-9805 or by email at:
We are particularly proud of serving as an independent thinker who sees, expresses and advises by the "big picture" for long-term practice success, yet sees the small steps one has to take along the way to solutions. All of us at AHA look forward to providing you with excellent service. Call or email us today. 407-831- 7575 or by email at
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